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Horticulture & Business Management is the English area of study within the program Horticulture & Arable Farming.

Did you know that the Netherlands is the second largest exporter of vegetables, flowers and other agricultural products? It makes sense, therefore, that other countries would like to learn from our expertise in the field of horticulture. In the English-taught Bachelor’s programme Horticulture & Business Management you will discover the key to the Dutch success and learn all about our technical innovations and production methods. All this is set in an international environment, with students from all over the world.

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About the programme

Meet our international students Soleil from Venezuela and Codrin from Rumania. They both study Horticulture & Business Management at HAS University of Applied Sciences. In this video they motivate their choice for this study programme. Soleil likes plant research and she can use different high-tech facilities at HAS to do this. Codrin prefers the business side of the study programme and did his internship at Esveld Plantentuin in Boskoop.

More about the programme

Can you remove salt from the soil?

Salty Soil Challenge

Meet Kate and Ronald, both second year students of the study programme Horticulture & Business Management at HAS University. Watch their vlog to find out more about the Salty Soil Challenge.

Lecture, internship, minor, project


What are the subjects you’ll be taught? Which teaching methods are used? What skills will you learn?  And how many times will you go on an internship? You will find a general overview of the 4-year study programme in the curriculum.


The study programme in numbers

Facts & Figures

How many first-year students start this study programme? What do current students think of the study programme? How many contact hours do you have in the first year? And how long does it take for graduates in Horticulture & Business Management to find a job? The answers to these questions can be found in Facts & Figures!

Facts & Figures 

Coming prepared

Admission requirements

Which secondary school profile do you need for this study programme? And which extra subjects? What are the other admission requirements? Read which admission requirements apply to this study programme carefully.

Admission requirements

Ready for the future!

After graduating

This study programme will educate you to the level of Bachelor of Science. Which jobs does the study programme train you for? What type of positions do Horticulture & Business Management graduates get? What are the possibilities for post-graduate study?

Job prospects  Post-graduate study


Experience Horticulture & Business Management

Experiences from experts

Student stories

"I chose HAS because it gives me so many opportunities"


Student Horticulture & Business Management


Read the story of Michelle

"I chose HAS because there are so many opportunities to share knowledge and ideas."


Student Horticulture & Business Management


Read the story of Marc

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Maud Putters-Bruurs

Maud Putters-Bruurs

Student Adviser Horticulture & Business Management


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