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The curriculum of the study programme International Food & Agribusiness

Year 1

You start your study program with a 3 day excursion to the island Texel to get to know your fellow students and companies in the agri-food sector. This first year shows the broadness of the study programme. You’ll get courses on global food supply, agri-food business and an introduction into different domains within the agri-food sector: primary production and food processing & nutrition. At the end of your first year you will go on an internship.

Year 2

During the 2nd year you’ll go deeper into the topics and you will apply it in different projects, often in co-operation with companies. The courses are focused on business (company economics and marketing), supply chain management, circular economy and skills such as English. Besides that you will follow your chosen domain track. In this study year you’ll make an international study trip. Examples of previous destinations are Indonesia (2013), Sicily(2014), Morocco (2015), Kyrgyzstan (2016) and Vietnam (2017).

Year 3

The third year of your study programme is all about strengthening your profile. You choose yourself to go for a broadening or deepening minor ánd you will go on an internship. The minor can be done at the HAS or at another university (of applied sciences): in the Netherlands or abroad. In total you will go for 30 weeks on Internship of which minimal 12 weeks abroad. You will get to know the (international) professional field and apply acquired knowledge in practice.

Year 4

In the first half year of the 4th year, you will follow the specialisation called “Future Food Systems”. In the 2nd half, you will work on a graduation assignment. This professional assignment will be arranged by the HAS. The issue you will work on with your project group, is a real case issue from a company. Next to this you will do a professional assessment. This portfolio and interview is a wrap-up of 4 years personal leadership and skills development.

Overview and course catalogue


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Indication of additional costs that will add up to your tuition fee year 1: € 750.-