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The Bachelor programme International Food & Agribusiness has been developed in consultation with companies from the agri-food industry. This ensures what you learn is directly applicable and relevant to real business. As a generalist with a wide view of the entire agricultural production chain, you are the link that brings the specialists of different sectors together. Whether you end up working for a big multi-national company or a smaller enterprise, you are the one who builds bridges between the many domains of the agricultural industry and finds the key to making it more sustainable.

You can work for consultancy firms or business-development agencies, development organisations dedicated to promoting fair trade and social corporate responsibility, or any internationally oriented company in the agri-food sector. Your strength will be your ability to function well in an international environment and easily find the connection between various agricultural domains.

Successful completion of this course leads to a Bachelor degree in International Food & Agribusiness (Bachelor of Business Administration, BBA). Upon graduation you are a well-trained professional who is able to work in an international team and address projects in a systematic and practice-oriented manner.


Projectmanager Sustainable Sourcing

As project manager of a multinational company you check whether ingredients that end up in your company’s products have been sustainably produced. For this, you analyse where and from whom your current suppliers purchase their products. You design programmes for product quality improvement and you negotiate with official certifiers to obtain a Fair Trade label for your company.


Food or Agribusiness Consultant

As food or agribusiness consultant you advise small and medium-sized food companies and farmers’ cooperatives, for example in Senegal and Mali, and work with them on technical improvements in farming processes. Or you advise Dutch and French farm equipment companies on how to enter new markets in South-East Asia. Or you help to set up an innovative and sustainable business in Burkina Faso which uses beer waste from a local brewery to feed the pigs at the nearby farm.