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The world is facing an immense challenge – feeding more people in a rapidly changing world.  Do you want to be part of the solution? Then best you join International Food & Agribusiness!

Our mission at the International Food & Agribusiness programme at HAS University of Applied Science, is to inspire you to become a game-changer in global food and agri systems. Together with young professionals from across the globe, you gain relevant knowledge of the complex and interesting food and agricultural business industry, but you also develop and apply the necessary business and personal skills to address the latest challenges and opportunities facing sustainable food and agri systems worldwide.

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About the study programme

Ralph and Ana María study International Food & Agribusiness. Ana María from Costa Rica tells about her experience as an international student at HAS University of Applied Sciences “Because you’re with many international students, you often do things together after school, such as having dinner together or going out”.

Ralph talks about the excursions he’s had, such as the tour at the Port of Rotterdam or their visit to the Bavaria brewery. One of the most amazing excursions Ralph has been on, is the study trip to Kyrgyzstan.

More about the programme

Lecture, internship, minor, project


The First year of International Food & Agribusiness is an orientation year. All subjects are taught in English. Examples of subjects are Global Food Systems, Animal Production, Biobased Economy and Agrifood Business. At the end of your first year you will go on an orientation internship.


The study programme in numbers

Facts & Figures

How many first-year students start this study programme? What do current students think of the study programme? How many contact hours do you have in the first year? And how long does it take for graduates in International Food & Agribusiness to find a job? The answers to these questions can be found in Facts & Figures!

Facts & Figures

Being prepared

Admission requirements

This study programme will educate you to the level of Bachelor in Business Administration. Which secondary school profile do you need for this study programme? And which extra subjects? What are the other admission requirements? Read which admission requirements apply to this study programme carefully.

Admission requirements

Ready for the future!

After graduating

Which jobs does the study programme train you for? What type of positions do International Food & Agribusiness graduates get? What are the possibilities for post-graduate study?

Job prospects  Post-graduate study


Experience International Food & Agribusiness

Experiences from experts

Student stories

"I chose HAS because it feels like an international family"


Student International Food & Agribusiness


Read the story of Talash

"How to develop a sustainable business plan?"

Katrin & Sander

Students international Food & Agribusiness

Business Development Challenge

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Esther van Lieshout

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