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In the Bachelor’s programme Spatial and Environmental Planning, greenery, design and management coincide, as many elements are involved in developing our living environment. You will need to take landscape, agriculture, nature and people into account, and will be dealing with many different stakeholders, from local authorities and provinces to conservationists and inhabitants. The challenge is to translate all wishes and requirements into one design. Subsequently, you will need to ensure a smooth implementation, with an eye for budgeting and planning.  All these processes are dealt with in the study programme. After the first year, you will be specialising in the direction that most appeals to you:

  • Landscape Planning & Development
  • Landscape Design
  • Landscape Engineering
Specialisation Landscape Planning & Development

Making plans together

Many parties are involved in the development of an area, for instance the local council, province, water board, nature conservation organisations and residents. How do you get all these parties, with their varying preferences and requirements, to agree? In the specialisation Landscape Planning & Design you will learn how to take all stakeholders into account in your planning. By communicating, taking stock of needs and doing research, you will be able to produce a proposal that everyone agrees with.

Specialisation Landscape Design

Creative design

Are you full of creative ideas? The Landscape Design specialisation will teach you how to translate those into a design. You will do so using sketches, models and computer programmes for 3D visualisations, for instance. This will allow you to present your ideas convincingly to a client.

Specialisation Landscape Engineering

work in progress

Do you have a hands-on approach? In Landscape Engineering, it’s all about executing plans. You will be dealing with the technical realisation of all kinds of green projects, from roof gardens to parks. Your job is to complete them successfully, within the set time and available budget. Besides planning, controlling and budgeting you will learn more about management, so that the environment will continue to meet our needs now, and in the future.